Edinburgh Critical Studies in War & Culture

Edinburgh Critical Studies in War & Culture is a monograph series under the co-general editorship of Kate McLoughlin and Gill Plain.

The aim of the series is to shape and lead the field of scholarship devoted to the literary and filmic representation and mediation of war. Its focus is Anglophone literature and film of all genres, with transhistorical and inter-cultural analysis where appropriate. ‘War’ is taken to mean armed conflict of the industrialised age (that is, from the late eighteenth century onwards), including not only conventional war between sovereign states but also revolution, insurrection, civil war, guerrilla warfare, cold war and genocide (including the Holocaust).

Volumes in the series may address not only armed combat itself, but also the causes, consequences and aftermath of wars; pro- and anti-war literature and film; memorialisation, trauma and testimony.

The premise of the series is that new critical perspectives need to be developed in order better to understand war representation. Rather than simply analysing war texts, or even situating those texts in their contemporary cultural contexts, Edinburgh Critical Studies in War and Culture will identify the conceptual categories and forms by which war has been mediated in literature and film and illuminate the cultural influences that produce and shape them. Some examples include but are not limited to:

  • the body
  • veterans
  • romance
  • the mind
  • gender
  • fantasy
  • the enemy
  • crime
  • physical memorials

Series Volumes

Petra Rau, Our Nazis: Fascism in Contemporary Literature, Film and Culture (2013)

Ian Whittington, Writing the Radio War: Literature, Politics and the BBC, 1939-45 (2018)

For further information, or to discuss submitting a proposal, contact Kate McLoughlin and Gill Plain (kate.mcloughlin@ell.ox.ac.ukgp3@st-andrews.ac.uk).